About Calico Catnip™
Calico Catnip™ is a family-based business dedicated to providing you with the highest quality catnip and homemade catnip toys.

The idea for the company was hatched straight out of our own experiences (and our cats' experiences) with commercial catnip. As owners of 6 cats overall, we had bought a lot of catnip and toys over the years to say the least.

Watering Catnip
Dorris, co-founder
(watering the catnip)

However, a vast majority of the catnip we bought seemed to have little effect on our cats, so we decided to start growing our own. Needless to say, we were stunned when we sprinkled out some of the fresh catnip for our kitties. They were jumping and rolling all over the place, licking the toys, and even trying to eat it!

The difference was night and day compared to our experiences with other suppliers, but we still had a problem: what were we going to put the catnip in? Most of the toys we bought weren't refillable, so Karen and her mother Dorris started sewing flannel toys that could be filled over and over again.

Long-story short, while we were trying different catnip strains and growing methods to achieve the greatest potency, we gave some of the toys out to our friends and family. We got such a great response that we decided to make the catnip and toys available to you and the rest of the world through this business!

We named the business after our cat Calico (who you'll see throughout this site), a particularly fiesty and energized cat who seemed like a perfect fit to represent the company. Keep an eye out for the launch of our new Youtube channel in the coming months! We'll have videos of the catnip in action, as well as Calico doing some crazy stunts.

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